Our Story

Chicago Raw was founded in 2009 as a place to help others take control of their health, one meal at a time. Our mission has always been to spread awareness about the benefits of living plant foods while making them accessible and delicious. Our food is meant to nourish and fuel your body and inspire your soul! With a wide variety of items freshly prepared each day, we truly have something for everyone.

Our Mission

Raising Awareness Worldwide (RAW) about the powers of plant-based foods. Our mission is to raise awareness worldwide about the powers of plant-based foods. Our food serves to nourish, fuel, and inspire you.


We are a health-food restaurant serving freshly prepared raw vegan food to-go. Our menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as many specialty items. We offer a large variety of healthy food including: vegan meals, salads, desserts, snacks, and spreads, superfood smoothies and bowls, including our signature açaí bowl, cold-pressed juices, elixirs, and fresh-cracked coconut water, hot espresso, tea, and lattes

What is Raw?

Raw food simply means that we prepare high quality plant based ingredients -primarily fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds- that are not heated over 118 degrees. By keeping the ingredients from reaching high heats, all the vitamins and nutrients remain in the food before consuming. Raw food ensures that you’re eating food with its highest nutrient content.

Is Raw food for me ?

Yes, raw food is for everyone! We believe in the benefits of Raw food, whether you eat a raw meal once a day or once in a blue moon. Eating Raw means going back to the basics and using food as fuel. It means eating a nutrient rich meal that’s also rich in flavor. Raw food fills you up with the energy you need for a high energy week!


Polly Gaza has owned and operated RAW from the beginning and now runs the company with her daughter, Margo. She believes in the link between good food and our overall well-being. Inspired by the Living Foods Lifestyle she learned about over 20 years ago, Polly incorporates high-quality, uncooked, nutrient rich foods in her diet on a daily basis. She has seen the power of raw food change her life and the lives of countless people around her. She is an advocate for using raw food to address any and all health concerns.

Polly believes that your body is a fireplace. You have to give it the highest quality fuel in order for it to burn the brightest for the longest.


Margo Gaza is a Co-Owner of Raw, alongside of her mother. Margo graduated from College of Charleston with a B.S in Business Administration and Marketing. Growing up with a mother like Polly, Margo always knew the importance of nutrition! She is fascinated in the science behind a whole food plant based diet. She believes food is your medicine, but also believes in eating a diet that doesn't take a mental toll on you. Feeding her soul is just as important as feeding her body.